SEO Copywriting and Content Strategy

for creative rebels like you

Is your creative brand coming across bland?

You’ve got a communication problem.

It’s no small feat to leave behind the 9-5 and pursue a creative career. I love your rebel spirit!

Finding your sweet spot in the market is tough, right? You’re sick of clients who don’t respect your creative processes and pay you a fraction of your worth, but you don’t know how to attract the right people. You feel like you’re too close to your work to write about it.

But as a creative rebel, you’re not ready to give up yet. 


Thankfully, helping creatives communicate their value is what I do best. And with my help, you’ll get your creative brand off the ground.

Yup. The right words do make a difference to your business. Let me do the hard work for you (so you can keep creating).

With a creative content strategy, you’ll take the guess-work out of your marketing.


Your website will attract start attracting the right people, with content that both your customers and Google loves.

Your social media will be a breeze because you’ll have your content planned and written in advance.

You won’t second-guess every blog you write because you’ll know how to address your customers’ needs.

Your tone of voice will feel natural, and you’ll understand how to communicate your value.


And the best part?

Your SEO friendly content strategy will make your bank account light up!

If you’re ready to move from feast-to-famine to creative-and-killing-it, then you’re at the right place. 


Copywriting for creative rebels

SEO Web Copy

You need optimised SEO website content, but you don’t know where to start.


You need engaging blog content, but don’t have time to write it.

Social Media Strategy

You can’t afford to waste time on social media, and that’s all you’ve done.

Video Scripts

You know video is getting all the luuurve online but you’re a stuttering mess.

Who am I?

I’m an SEO copywriter who knows how to write tailored, spine-sizzling SEO content for your creative rebel brand, that will have people lining up for your next piece. 

I’ve trained with some of the best content and copywriters in the country and I’ve written more than 140K words of fiction. I’m the co-founder, writer and editor of a local art and culture blog, and I know the challenges creatives face when sharing their work online and with the world.

I know the words you use make a difference. I specialise in developing your tone of voice so your words become an asset to your business.  

Not sure where to start? Find out a little more about me and how I work. You might even like to get started with some templates.

Happy client luuurve

Ali was able to capture the true essence of my values, mission and most of all the heart of my business and express it in a way I could not do myself. I am truly grateful and appreciative of her time, work and commitment to my project. She has exceeded my expectations.

Astarea Rae

Owner, Love Yourself Healthy

Alison takes a personal approach to her subjects, getting out of her office and attending events, engaging with the work and building relationships with clients. She is well liked and her true passion and support shine positively through her writing.

I always feel confident that I will receive excellent results from Alison and within each deadline.

Naomi Crawford

Artist and Gallery Manager

Fill the world with colour!

If you’ve already wasted hours trying to get the words right yourself, you’ll know how tricky it can be. It’s time to shake those tail feathers and preen your content strategy so it does more than just sound goodit brings customers to you.

Want to know more about how a creative content strategy can help you?