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FOR CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS and client-focused brands in the disability sector

As a creative entrepreneur, you need a creative writer who’ll help you move past the ‘starving artist’ myth, and take your business from barely surviving, to thriving and inspiring.

I’ve interviewed and worked with over 50 local artists and creative entrepreneurs to share their work because I believe art culture should be a bigger, more accessible part of our everyday lives.


As a client-focused service provider, you need a writer who creates inclusive, client-centred content for people in the disability sector.

My personal and professional experience with neurodiversity, accessibility and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) makes me the missing piece in your content marketing puzzle.

Ali Strachan Brisbane SEO Copywriter for creative entrepreneurs
“I am really happy that you have understood the issues [around invisible disability] so well in such a short time.”

Shirin Akhyani, Sales and Marketing Manager | Blue Badge Insurance.

Alison Strachan is a good writer, interviewer and a professional journalist. I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again.

Alison has excellent writing skills, however, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Her eagle eyes and her ability to listen to her subject make her a good journalist as well. Her professionalism and sensitivity to her surroundings give her insight into her subject and the ability to get to the truth of the matter. Hesam Fetrati

Brisbane Artist

you need a copywriter who is


When you break it down to its bare bones, the business of creating and selling “art” is much the same as any other business. You exchange something of value for something else of value, right? When you work with me, I’ll help you overcome your fears about running a successful creative business, so that you can keep doing what you love.

As a client-focused brand, your content needs to demonstrate a deep understanding of the people within the disability sector. This means you need a marketing plan that consults with people who have a disability, shares their stories and tailors meaningful solutions to them without making assumptions or speaking for them.


As a creative, I think your best work is vulnerable and confronting. It shares a part of you and what you stand for, that drives people to share their own experiences – or confront their own beliefs. My job is to help you communicate this in a way that makes you feel 100% comfortable.

You’re community-driven. Which means from time to time you’ll be called to make a stand on controversial issues within the disability sector. When we work together, I help you communicate your brand values and advocate for the rights of disabled people when the time comes. Preparation is the key to avoiding damage to your brand.


Every creative business is different. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo artist or performer, or an independent jewellery brand or web designer, at your core, you have different values and personalities. I help you define your tone of voice and share what drives you, to compel people to engage with everything you create.

By defining your ethics, values and tone of voice up front, you’ll avoid second-guessing your approach to each new marketing campaign. Your message will be clear, concise while motivating them to take action. Let’s create compelling content together.


Let’s face it. Writing about your work when you’re so close to it can be tough. You need someone who can communicate the value in what you create, to open up opportunities for partnerships. There’s no limit to the number of industries who could benefit from your help to connect, create empathy for, and innovate what they do. #artsaveslives

As a client-focused brand, you have the greatest opportunity to give people with a disability a voice. This fosters connection with them, furthering your reputation as a service provider who genuinely cares about their clients. I help you create that connection.

what i do for you

I help you differentiate your brand by developing your tone of voice so that your content sounds natural and connects with clients who love you (and not the ones that don’t).

I write kickass, fun, SEO content for websites that Google loves, so your website will show up in search results for the work you want to be known for.

I write compelling landing pages, fun and informative blogs, video scripts and social media content.

I’m an expert at explaining complex topics in plain English, using clear, concise language.

I help you form an SEO creative content strategy that excites you and make you squeal with delight when yet another perfect customer comes knocking on your door.

who I work with

I work with creative entrepreneurs, innovators, makers and brands in the disability sector – aka rebel brands that aren’t afraid to do things differently.

These might be photographers, painters, street artists, galleries and art workshop facilitators, fashion designers, graphic and web designers, tech, not-for-profits, disability service providers – even other writers.

Some of my recent clients have been in the:

  • Virtual Assistant and copywriter – SEO website content
  • Disability sector and NDIS – SaaS tech startup
  • Arts industry – with artists, photographers, jewellers, DJs and singer-songwriters
  • Ethical fashion and design – unifying brand message and products
  • Finance and insurances – boutique finance and specialist disability insurance providers
  • Health and wellbeing industry – life coaching, personal training, nutrition

I’m based in Brisbane, but most of my clients are interstate

I can work remotely, or we can meet if you’re in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area. I like to collaborate and co-create with you, and consider myself part of your team.

Where you’ll find me

I’m an art culture buff, and a disability and neurodiversity advocate. You’ll find me at running local arts programs, at cultural events, or in my local gallery.

You’ll also see my at Brisbane disability expos, or hanging out in NDIS groups online, soaking up the info and answering questions where I can. 


Engaging Ali for copywriting was the best thing that I could have done for my business.

It not only saved me time and heartache, it gave my business an added edge of professionalism and confidence that I would not have achieved without her. Adrian Doidge

Lead Artist for Zenism

My Qualifications

  • Digital Masterchefs Member (2018 – 2019) ensuring I stay up-to-date with the latest SEO updates and digital marketing strategies. In need of a qualifies SEO developer (not just one that says they are and aren’t?) I can recommend someone.
  • The Recipe for SEO Success Online Course (2017) Put together by the amazing Kate Toon. Lifetime access materials so I’m trained on top of ongoing SEO algorithm changes via the Masterchefs group.
  • Training and mentoring with The Clever Copywriting School (2016 – 2019)
  • Australian Writer’s Centre’s Copywriting Essentials and Magazine and Newspaper Writing Courses (2016)
  • Queensland Writer’s Centre’s Year of the Novel Manuscript Writing Workshops (2010)

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