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CopyCon 2018: The creative introverts’ dream conference

How CopyCon inspired me to stop taking my business half seriously I’ve got to admit, I’m pretty shit at this whole “business” thing. Like many creatives, the reason I went into business was because I love the act of creating, or in my case, writing. I’m a hardcore...

What is an SEO copywriter?

What is an SEO copywriter? And why SEO is the new black in content marketing Since I began freelancing, 95% of the writing I’ve done for brands has been online – for their websites, blogs, social media and emails. Although many people don’t realise it, writing online...

Why Blogging is Vital to Selling More Artwork

The secret to selling more artwork comes from your ability to bridge the gap between you as the artist, your work and your potential customers. Building relationships is an important part of growing any business and as a creative artist, designer, illustrator,...