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You’re an artist who wants to sell more work online,

but you’re not sure how to market yourself or your art.

You love expressing yourself creatively and you want to make an impact with your art,

but you struggle to find the right words to share what you do.

Marketing yourself as an artist is harder than you thought it’d be.

But don’t despair, I have good news for you!

I’ll help you raise your creative voice and take your art business

to the next level.

It’s time to let your creativity speak and

be bold, be brave, be brilliant.

Does this sound familiar?

You want to take your passion for art up a notch, build a loyal fanbase and sell more pieces.

You have stunning, professional imagery but you’re unsure how to use them and market your art.

You’re spending too much time agonising over social media rather than spending time in your studio.

You’re feeling overwhelmed by the talent of other artists and feel like an imposter.

You’re wearing yourself thin posting on all the online platforms so you avoid doing it altogether.

You’re stuck in a creative rut and your work’s not selling. You’re not sure what to do next.

Are you feeling deflated right now? Well, there’s something I want you to know.

marketing yourself as an artist can be tough

You are worth it. Your art is worth it.

You can learn how to market your art and attract more buyers

– in a way that feels natural to you.

 So, are you ready to be bold, be brave and be brilliant in your art business?

You’ve spent too long doubting yourself.

Stop checking out the competition and start focusing on you.


The thing is, if you do nothing, nothing happens. You stay where you are, creating incredible works that no-one sees. No-one buys.

With the right tools and know-how you can amplify your creative brand and increase your sales.

You’re ready to be found, be seen and be followed.

You’re ready to attract new fans, buyers and collectors.

You’re ready to conquer the digital world and have people begging to buy your art.

You’re ready to share the stories of you and your art, without any cheesy sales tricks. 

You’re ready to build your brand as a successful selling artist.

You’re ready to raise your voice so buyers hear you, loud and clear.

Let me teach you how to raise your creative voice.
Creative ideas are worth sharing

What if there was an easier way to share your art and connect with more people? 

It’s not enough to chase exhibition offers and post random photos on socials hoping to be spotted.

You need to connect with your customers. Those savvy shoppers may admire your art but they’re not going to buy if they don’t feel that connection.

The best way to do that is to share your stories. Stories that showcase your purpose, your values and why you create what you do. Stories that show your personality and boost your creative confidence.


Your stories build your brand.

Ali gets to the core of how locals approach their lives and careers so that readers can dive deeper into the stories, but those she interviews also discover more about themselves in the process.

She creates strong visuals with her words and teaches us how to understand objects and topics far beyond what we can see and touch.

Naomi Crawford

Artist, Exhibitions Manager

It’s time to…


Find the words to share the love of what you do, in a way that touches the lives (and hearts) of your collectors.

Let’s unleash your story-telling magic so…


You know how to stand out and share your story in a genuine way, feeling awkward or dull.

You feel a real connection with your buyers. They tell you so (and tell others about you too).

You know how to tell your story, being true to your personality and values. Your audience *get* you and want to support you.

You’ll feel so confident you’ll stop comparing yourself to other artists.

Your buyers won’t question your prices because they understand the value of what you create.


Learn easy and effective ways to promote your work now and into the future, turning cruisers into collectors.

Let your creativity speak
I have loved working with Ali on my artist statement. After each draft she provided space for feedback, edits and discourse. I felt comfortable and understood. The end result was a true refection of my art and practice.
Chloe Wigg


Share your story. Build your brand.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from many years as an arts advocate and packaged it up into three packages.

Together we’ll raise your creative voice, help you stand out from the competition and build your brand – at a budget that suits you.

Knowing how to share your story will make a huge difference to your marketing. It won’t even feel like marketing.

You’ll just be sharing your art with the people that matter.

These packages are all about collaboration. Book in and you get unadulterated access to my brain. 

How we’ll piece it all together

Brand Story

Your brand story written in a relatable and genuine way to engage buyers, will form the foundation of how you talk about your practice in the future.

Artist Statement

I’ll craft an artist statement to help galleries, reviewers, judges and the press understand your work, and share it in a meaningful way.

Intro Video Script

Add to your press kit, website, proposal or share on social media. Engage people in your latest series of work and tell your story face-to-face.

About Page

More than just a bio or CV, the focus of your about page about sharing your story in a way that makes the reader emotionally engage in your art practice.

Core Brand Stories

Learn how to use your Brand Story and Artist Statement in effectively across all your promotion – from socials, emails blogs, website to PR.


Let your creativity speak

*A wireframe is a visual layout of a page on your site to help you design it.

50% payment to be made upfront.

Payment plans available.


  • 30 minutes briefing time
  • Exclusive Trello board to manage deliverables
  • 15 minutes check-in time each draft
  • Keyword-optimised copy, including page titles, meta descriptions, body copy and internal links (on website copy)
  • 1 Skeleton Draft, 1 Main draft, 2 rounds of amends and proofreading
  • Video walk through to explain how to use your new tools

We can also amplify your story in your

Artist Bio

Artwork Descriptions

Website Copywriting

Email Copywriting

Imagine what life would be like if…

You knew how to stand out and share your story in a genuine way, without it feeling too awkward, personal (or dull).

You’re feeling a real connection with your buyers because they’re telling you so (and they’re telling others about you too).

You knew exactly what to post online (without agonising over every detail) because you know what to say about your art online.

You feel so confident in your voice you’ve stopped comparing yourself with other artists.

Your buyers have stopped questioning your prices, because they understand the value of what you create.


That’s what’s possible when you let your creativity speak

Ali has not only given me many great tools and resources for my creative business, she’s also given me confidence to speak about what I’m passionate about in a way that will see results.

Working with Ali has been so easy, her friendly and creative style makes figuring out even the most complicated project rewarding.

Ronelle Reid


Ali is a smashing SEO Copywriter. It’s no surprise she was recommended to me. She is so easy to work with, a true creative and professional.
Olivia Mislov

Owner, Coco Luna Jewellery

Ali is a confident, creative copywriter who understands the arts industry. She took the time to really understand me and my work. Extremely happy with the final results and the confidence she has given me to pursue more opportunities.

Stacey Bennett


Ali Strachan brand building for artists

Who am I to be telling you how to how to build your creative brand?

I’m not just any ol’ creative marketer. As an arts copywriter, I live and breathe the arts. I work with arts organisations, local council, peak bodies and the business sector to support all kinds of artists. Learning about your practice, your processes and your art, and telling those stories is what I live for. #cornyandtrue 

I’m a story-seeker and story-teller. A builder of brands. An arts advocate. And a deeply curious human. 

My clients have toured the globe, won grants, built amazing online businesses, and built their profiles off the back of my words. Together we’ll build a great foundation for your growing arts business, so you can spend more time creating, making your mark and selling more art. 

Every package is a one-on-one collaboration. You get unadulterated access to my brain from start to finish.

Because you get dedicated time, I block off my calendar to focus on you. That means my slots for packages book out early.

50% payment to be made upfront.

Payment plans available.

Got Questions?

Here are some questions people have asked before saying hell, yeah! to learning how to let their creativity speak. Got another? Just holler.

What is the 50% payment upfront for? And do you offer payment plans?

The 50% upfront payment is the industry standard. It means I can get started and put the time and energy in that you deserve to get your creative brand off the ground.

And yes, I definitely do offer payment plans. Email me at to find out more.

How long will this process take?

That’s a tricky question. It depends on how far in advance I’m booked. I usually have a lead time of 4 – 8 weeks but during that time there are things we can both be working on (I’ll send you my briefing questionnaire).

Once we get going, I can turn your project around in about 2-4 weeks. But, that also depends on how quickly you provide the info to me.

If you need something quicker, I may be able to squeeze you in, but there’ll be a rush rate added to the cost. Let’s discuss.

What is the briefing questionnaire for? I don’t know my brand purpose which is why I want to work with you.

The questionnaire is all about getting your creative juices flowing for our work together. You might not be able to answer all the questions and that’s fine. We’ll discuss it during our Zoom call. The more questions you can answer, the better. It doesn’t need to be ‘war and peace’ or perfection, just your thoughts and ideas.

You might be surprised at how much you can answer and how it’ll help you get into the work we’re going to do. My advice – give it a go.

What if we kick the branding sessions off and I have a change of heart?

That happens. I’ve also been known to change my mind mid-way through something. I get it.

If your project changes partway through, we may need to start again. If so, we’ll negotiate what to do next, based on what your new priorities are. It’s super important we continue to communicate throughout the process. That’s why we collaborate!

If you completely do a U-turn and decide you don’t need the work anymore, I’ll let you know where I’m up to and you pay for the work that I’ve already undertaken. We then part ways as friends. No hard feelings. The details are covered in my T&C's (which you get a copy of before we get started).


Are you ready to tell your story and sell more art?

Engaging Ali for copywriting was the best thing that I could have done for my business

It not only saved me time and heartache, it gave my business an added edge of professionalism and confidence that I would not have achieved without her.

Adrian Doidge

Lead Artist for Zenism

Ali has done an incredible job! 

Her work is of an exceptional standard, and she’s just so darn lovely! Her understanding of the creative and performing arts was a huge asset to us, and she was enthusiastic about our business and a huge encouragement to us.

I would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Tim Moxey

Singer Songwriter

 Stop practicing your art

and start being an artist

I acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of Australia. I pay my respects to the Elders past and present as the traditional Custodians of the lands and waters.

I acknowledge their living culture and their traditional art forms. I recognise that the land where I live, learn and work is Yugembah, Jagera/Yugerra, Turrbul and Bundjalung land and sovereignty was never ceded. I’m committed to building and sustaining respect and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.