Comparing copywriting prices for your art practice? Read this first

Last updated Jan 2023

So you’re ready to hire a copywriter to help you write about your art and creative practice! Whoop! 

Outsourcing your writing can provide you with clarity, confidence and bring you so much relief… (please, get this outta my head for me!)

…but it can also be challenging and stressful if the writer isn’t a great fit, or finds it a challenge to tell your story in a way that does your work justice.

The truth is, you don’t just need any ol’ writer on your team. And with your budget in mind, it can be tempting to compare copywriters just by their rates. So, it’s important to understand what goes into the price.   

In this blog, I’ll cover what goes into those copywriting prices and more, so you can understand what you’re investing in and what the process often looks like. Read to the end, and you’ll find a handy list with ballparks of my current prices, and questions to ask your next copywriter.

Comparing copywriting prices is like comparing acrylics and oils

Each of the materials are applied differently. They have unique applications and benefits depending on 

  • the artwork you’re creating
  • the end goal you’re wanting to achieve, and 
  • the process you’re most comfortable with.

Likewise, different writers have unique strengths, processes and experience to draw from. Plus, there are an infinite number of ways copywriters package and price their services. 

Some work in blocks, like half-days, full-days and whole weeks. They charge for their time, with open-ended deliverables (i.e. what they get done in that time is what you get).

Others charge by the project with less defined timelines but concrete deliverables. And some charge by the word or by the hour. Many offer a combination of these, using their hourly rate as a guide. 

PS. Get to know the standard rates with this great guide on Australian rates (plus rates for US and UK copywriters too!). 

Like all professions, the variation in price comes down to skills and expertise. You might be surprised to know that often, the writing is actually the last stage of the copywriting project!

So, what does a copywriter charge for?

Before I begin writing a single word, I need to know the purpose, audience and goal of the content we’re creating. 

  • Do you need to tease the release of a new series of work? 
  • Do you need to engage collectors on your website? 
  • Do your words need to convince grant assessors to give you funding?

Each project will require different amounts of research, but in general, I follow this process:


With a detailed questionnaire and interview, I uncover the beating heart of your art and practice. I know which questions to ask you to understand your story and share it in a way that’s meaningful to both you and your collectors

Then I listen to your audience, their core beliefs, desires, fears, outcomes, behaviours and language they use. 

I conduct industry research, analysing what your colleagues and competitors are doing well (and not so well), gathering market insights and taking into account conditions that might affect your work.

Only once I have all this info, can I begin drafting your arts copy.


Now I understand the purpose and intent behind your work with more clarity, I begin to sculpt your creative brand story. This is where my skills and experience comes in. 

I know how to adapt your arts copy for different platforms (websites, blogs, emails, grants, and more). 

I take into account audience behaviour (how they search for and interact with your content) and readability online to ensure your content is easy to find, read, and is engaging.

Plus, it’s optimised with SEO research to help your content get found by the right people in Google.

Telling (& Retelling)

Knowing what to say is only part of the picture. Armed with the right words and language, we can make a plan to share your arts copy strategically, so it reaches the right people at the right time.

This strategic thinking can help you make the most of your copy, and keep you off the content-creating-merry-go-round. (Yes, please!)

I often get feedback from clients that their new copy has given them more confidence, allowing them to pursue opportunities and pitch more projects – expanding their reach and impact.

See more about how I work.

Generic copywriters vs art copywriters

The arts sector is different from other industries. Many traditional copywriting techniques don’t work, or need to be adapted for the arts. 

As an arts copywriter, my industry expertise, strategic experience and narrative skills come into play to ensure your copy performs to the best of its ability. My prices include my:

  • knowledge of your industry, the organisations, cultural segments and criteria grant assessors are looking for (I’m on a grant assessment panel myself!)
  • understanding of your creative vision and processes, making it easy to translate to plain English
  • understanding and audience behaviour that influence bookings and purchases
  • understanding of art movements, the academic jargon to avoid, and the readability level galleries and arts institutions are looking for
  • ability to communicate why your art matters, beyond the standard features and benefits most ecommerce stores focus on

I help you delve into the richness of your story to create emotive narratives that resonate with your collectors on a deep, personal level. But I also know how to make your content work hard for you, to give you the best results for your money.

How do you compare copywriting rates when writing descriptions for your artwork, ready for gallery spaces?

Content crafted for the arts

A great example is a common request of mine. Artist statements. These are a crucial part in communicating the depth, meaning and impact of your art and practice. They form part of your grant applications, award submissions, website ‘about page’ copy, and feature on gallery walls alongside your work.

This is why my statement package includes multiple versions (a 300 word version and shorter 100 and 50 word versions, in both third and first person). 

You get better bang for your buck, because you have a professional statement that’s adaptable for multiple scenarios, saving you time and money.

Explore my portfolio.

How much does art copywriting cost?

I review my prices yearly in January, and any increase is applied each March (to give current clients time to plan). So, if you want to lock in current prices, get in touch now.

But what you really want, are the prices right?

While every project has different goals, research and writing technicality, these ballparks will give you an idea of your investment, but are subject to change based on your needs. All prices are in AUD.

Artist statements and bios

  • Approx $597 ea

Email nurture sequences

  • 5 emails – approx $1497

Grant applications (price depends on complexity and research involved in the project) 

  • Varies – $597 – $1997 

SEO Website copy (including keyword research)

  • 5 page website – approx $3400-$3600 
  • 10 page website – approx $5900-$6100 

Landing pages (including audience interviews)

  • Short form pages from $1197
  • Long form pages from $2197

Artwork descriptions (for your web gallery or store)

  • From approx $297 ea

Media releases

  • $497 ea

Need a price for something that isn’t here? Hit me up and I’ll create a custom quote for you. 

What questions should you ask your copywriter?

When you’re evaluating whether a copywriter is a great fit, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does my copywriter have the writing prowess to write about my art? 
  2. Are they a skilled storyteller?
  3. Can they write in the style and tone I need?
  4. Do they have thorough knowledge of the industry I’m working in?
  5. Are they skilled at brand and audience research?
  6. Do they understand the platform they’re writing for (tone, format and technical requirements)
  7. Can they adapt to that format? Or are they specialists in one?
  8. Do they understand how to plan content strategically?

It’s not always easy to tell on face value how well your copywriter will be able to do these things, and not all skills will be needed for every project. But being aware of what underpins the words will help you understand whether their price is justified or not.

Now you know what goes into arts writing you can compare copywriting prices with more confidence.