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The Creative Brief

What is the Creative Brief?

The Creative Brief (aka Brief), is the basis of every website and piece of content. It helps us get to know your rebel brand inside and out. The better the brief, the better the content so we need to discuss these in depth.

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Ps. These questions are hard on purpose.

If you don’t know how to answer some of them, that’s fine.

I’ll go over it with you.

Do you need a Creative Brief? 

The Creative Brief is the master document that states exactly:

  1. What type of content is needed (a 5 page website, a 10 page website, a brochure, a blog series etc)
  2. What the website (or other project) about – what’s being promoted, what pages you need and what they’ll they say
  3. Who your ideal client is, (the guys most likely to buy from and value you)
  4. What features of your product you’re going to promote – and how that matters to your customers
  5. Who your competitors are – so you can promote your benefits over theirs
  6. Your key selling benefits – what will the reader get out of doing business with you and why they should buy your product or service

    …and much, much more.

Copywriting is a subjective business because each rebel brand has a unique voice. This can create room for error.

To minimise miscommunications, the Creative Brief is the key document that both the writer and the client use as their touchstone.

This brief will save you hours and lots of money if you give your copywriter a comprehensive and detailed brief at the beginning of the writing process.

Click the image and download yours now.