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Copywriting Testimonials

Copywriting testimonials from happy rebels

Read testimonials from some of my happy clients. If you’d love to give me feedback or leave me a testimonial – you can do so here or get in touch:
Amazing copy and wonderful to work with!

Ali has done an incredible job with our full site copy, 2x wireframes for other sites, and social content.

Her work is of an exceptional standard, and she’s just so darn lovely! Her understanding of the creative and performing arts was a huge asset to us, and she was enthusiastic about our business and a huge encouragement to us.

Ali was professional, reliable and I would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Tim Moxey

Singer, songwriter and music teacher, Tim Moxey Music

Ali is a skilled SEO copywriter who is a delight to work with. Ali has an incredible ability to pick up on exactly what is needed and to craft engaging and easy to read copy. 

Ali gave me thoughtful and inspired suggestions for sections of my website I was not clear about. She injected an energy and sense of style that I’d been too afraid to do, so I hadn’t really expected the outcome at all. I really appreciate her insight – Ali had an intuition about what was needed, even though I could not have explicitly said so in the brief. It’s not the same as what I’d started with, but it’s an extension of me, it’s what I need to put out there to make my business work, so it’s been such a valuable exercise. Ali worked swiftly to meet my deadline and I’m thrilled with the outcome.

Jenny Lindsay

Owner, Connectjen

Ali was able to capture the true essence of my values, mission and most of all the heart of my business and express it in a way I could not do myself. I am truly grateful and appreciative of her time, work and commitment to my project.

What a beautiful experience it has been working alongside Ali. Never have I come across a person so passionate and enthusiastic about their work. Ali is genuine and has shown real care in working on my project which has been inspiring to watch and be a part of. She has exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Ali, for your support, compassion and understanding of my journey and for managing to capture the beauty and heart of my project in such a beautiful, elegant, fun-loving way and quirky way. You gave me everything I asked for and more. I cannot wait to work with you on my up and coming projects.

Astarea Rae

Owner, Love Yourself Healthy

Engaging Ali for copywriting was the best thing that I could have done for my business. It not only saved me time and heartache, it gave my business an added edge of professionalism and confidence that I would not have achieved without her.

I had been planning my business, Zenism, as a solo project for over a year, and although I had a clear idea of my brand, what I was making and the direction I was taking, I completely lacked the perspective to put that direction into words. I needed help from someone that could understand my vision.

When it finally came time to create a website, Ali was there, approachable and professional. She was prepared to learn about my brand, what my goals were and who my market was. She was even proactive enough to be armed with all the appropriate questions and ideas to push beyond my prior considerations, and with just one main consultation we were able to produce a thorough and flexible document that told the Zenism story. A document which has proven flexible enough to cover my website content and a set of initial marketing and social media material that speaks in Zenism’s unique brand voice.

Ali was also insightful and understanding when it came to feedback, taking many of my requests on board when necessary. But she also took the time to explain her decisions and processes in a way that gave me complete confidence in her work. A quality which I think is invaluable. 

Adrian Doidge

Lead Designer, Zenism

Ali takes a personal approach to her subjects, getting out of her office and attending events, engaging with the work and building relationships with clients. She is well liked and her true passion and support shine positively through her writing.

I always feel confident that I will receive excellent results from Alison and within each deadline.

Ali creates strong visuals with her words and teaches us how to understand objects and topics far beyond what we can see and touch. She gets to the core of how locals approach their lives and careers, so that readers can dive deeper into the stories, but those that are interviewed also discover more about themselves in the process. 

Naomi Crawford

Artist, Exhibitions Manager

Ali’s writing style is beautifully articulate and reflects a genuine understanding and respect for the person within their context. Alison’s approach was highly professional and very prompt, whilst keeping me involved during the process which was very much appreciated.

Alison’s mindful approach to questioning enabled me to express my views in a way that felt extremely valued. The finished article is a piece that is very impressive.

Sam Randall

Artist, Sam Randall Art

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