Artists: Start Here

Where are you in your creative career? 

As artists, we have at least one thing in common. Our art is an expression of our culture, background and who we are.

To share and sell your art effectively, you need to tell *your story* in a way that speaks to your collectors. And this means understanding who they are, and where to find them. 

It’s not easy! 

That’s not the only tricky part. Every creative career path is different. So, how you build and promote your work needs to match *yourgoals, vision and audiences.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of this, I don’t blame you. So, keep reading to learn how I can help you shape your own journey and build your profile, no matter where your starting point is.  


What is the best creative career path for artists

Here’s how it works

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Every week you experiment, practice and refine your art techniques.
  • You’re studying art or have an arts qualification. Perhaps you’re learning a new style.
  • You’ve sold a few pieces to family and friends (and friends of friends). Maybe you’re an established artist selling pieces but you’d like (or need) to sell more, and do it consistently.
  • You have a website (or are wondering if you need one), are actively sharing your work on social media but you want to learn how to market yourself a little better.
  • You’re actively involved in the arts community and want to pitch for new opportunities.
  • Your art is a reflection of you (your culture, gender, nationality, sexuality, and/or disability) but you don’t know how to tell your story and do it justice.

Whatever you want your next steps to be – as an art marketer and copywriter, I can help you.


Beginner to Aspiring Artists

You love dabbling in your favourite art techniques and wonder if you could sell your pieces. You’re still figuring out your *where next* but you’d benefit from guidance on:

  • Planning and goal setting
  • Promoting your work and writing about it
  • Defining your story as the artist, and learning how to start sharing it
  • Setting up your art practice as a business
  • Figuring out who your audience is
  • Defining your point of difference and your artistic voice

So, I’ve created some resources and templates to help you do just that. 

Beginner to Aspiring Artist Paint Brush
Emerging to Professional Art Community

Emerging to Professional Artists

You’re ready to start refining your creative brand. You have an idea of where you want to go, but you’re struggling to find the way.

A one-on-one session is the best place to start. Together, we’ll prioritise your actions based on your current progress and goals. I’ll show you the way to:

  • Understand who you are as an artist, what and why you create
  • Refine your brand values and personality
  • Hone in on your audience and get your work in front of them 
  • Promote yourself more effectively
  • Set up a strategy that will help you grow your practice

Knowing the foundations of your brand, and learning how to connect with your audience will save you hours and hours trying to figure out how to do that in the future. From there, we’ll create your Artist bio, Artist Statement and hone your Exhibition Proposals – to help people connect with your audience. 

Established and Acclaimed Artists

At this stage on your creative career path, you’re making the art you love. Your business is moving along but you’d like it to move faster, or you’re keen to explore new directions. 

As an art marketer and copywriter I will work with you to:

  • Enhance your PR and promotional strategy
  • Strengthen your sales funnel and messaging
  • Review your website content and artwork descriptions for your online store and make them Google-friendly so you’re easier to find
  • Update your bio, artist statement and proposals to align with your practice as it evolves
  • Review and tighten your branding and tone of voice
  • Elevate your pitches using video to promote you, your story and your art   
Creative Career Path to Established and Acclaimed Artist

Alison’s mindful approach to questioning enabled me to express my views in a way that felt extremely valued. The finished article is a piece that is very impressive.

Sam Randall

Artist, Sam Randall Art

Ali has not only given me many great tools and resources for my creative business, she’s also given me confidence to speak about what I’m passionate about in a way that will see results.

Working with Ali has been so easy, her friendly and creative syle makes figuring out even the most complicated project rewarding.

Ronelle Reid


Ali is a smashing SEO Copywriter. It’s no surprise she was recommended to me. She is so easy to work with, a true creative and professional.
Olivia Mislov

Owner, Coco Luna Jewellery

Stop practicing and start being an artist


I acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of Australia. I pay my respects to the Elders past and present as the traditional Custodians of the lands and waters.

I acknowledge their living culture and their traditional art forms. I recognise that the land where I live, learn and work is Yugerra land and sovereignty was never ceded. I’m committed to building and sustaining respect and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.