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Check out some recent examples of my work with different artists, across different projects. Want to see more? Hit me up and I’ll share it with you.

I’ve added links direct to each project (so you can see them live) – but please be patient as I flesh out each customer story more soon.

Customer story - Florencia Rojas

Flor Rojas, Artist

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“The Spume series is all about rich, robust textures, delicate dabs, and mouth-watering movement. 

Threading them together is a subtle, matt finish that devours the light, drawing you in...”

Tone of voice development, brand story and art series descriptions.

Customer story - Red Soda Band

Red Soda Band

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“We go together like champagne and bubbles with music that moves you – first to tears at the ceremony, then as you tear it up on the dancefloor… Experience the sound of love – watch us play…”

Tone of voice development, SEO website copy, local SEO copy (for AU, US & CA sites) & email nurture sequences.

“Answer your creative calling… Book of Flow is an online art journaling course like no other. You’ll feel inspired, energised and excited about making time for you to create.”

Landing pages and email nurture sequences.

“Building a reputation as one of the most provocative, forward-thinking dance companies, Bonnie Curtis Projects creates gutsy, insightful works of performance art.”

Tone of voice development, content strategy, media releases & media and press page.

“Inspired by my love of animals, I use ink, oils and watercolours to create detailed, visual narratives that explore the relationships between animals and their habitats. My style is a combination of colourful, naturalist work with quirky compositions that pair species who don’t coexist or share habitats.”

Branding session, artist statement, content audit, media release and wireframes.

Customer story - Supersonics Piano

Supersonics Piano

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“Watch your students flourish into confident, expressive performers… The series is perfect for today’s children and features a playful, open-minded and flexible approach to learning the piano. It’s so rewarding to watch your students grow into confident musicians as they learn and master each piano lesson book in the series.” 

Website restructure and rewrite: landing pages and product pages.

Customer story - Doctrine

Doctrine store

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“Doctrine is more than just a collection of handmade objects. We are a community of skilled artisans who believe in the value of slow, sustainable craftsmanship.

We believe in careful curation of personal touchstones that add value to your daily rituals and meaning to your space. Handmade home accessories that add to the rich tapestry of stories that make you, you. In craft we trust. This is our Doctrine.”

Home page, About page and Partnerships page.

“Our jewelry is a result of a collision of natural strength and fighting spirit. Each piece is made to accompany you on life’s journeys, giving you a way to step into your own personal style so you feel empowered and celebrated every time you put them on.”

SEO website copy: Home, About, Manifesto pages and Product page copy. Email subscribe page, and nurture sequence.

“Sindy Sinn is an illustrator dude, mural artist, heavy metal fan, silly bugger and bottomless pit of rad ideas. Equal parts bold and deranged, his designs have been adapted for all sorts of illustrative branding. From logos and tour merch to murals and everything in between, each with their own loud and fun style and a sense of spontaneous energy…”

Artist bio and micro copy review.

How much does arts copywriting cost?

Ali gets to the core of how local artists approach their lives and careers so that readers can dive deeper into the stories, but those she interviews also discover more about themselves in the process. She creates strong visuals with her words and teaches us how to understand objects and topics far beyond what we can see and touch.

Naomi Crawford

Artist and Gallery Manager

Ali is a glorious and talented SEO copywriter, human and all round helpful person. She worked with me to develop my brand story, style guide, tone of voice, website layout and more and provided me with such excellent value for money as well as being enjoyable and fun to work with.

If you're a creative soul who knows your creative things but doesn't know your marketing things, Ali is your human!

Rose Wilson

Singing Human, Course Creator, Choir Leader , Unscary Singing

Ali managed our website copy project meticulously - from start to finish - and wrote engaging, interesting copy for our photography website.

Sarah Spence

Copywriter, Content Copywriting

Ali was able to capture the true essence of my values, mission and most of all the heart of my business and express it in a way I could not do myself.

Astarea Rae

Owner, InHeart Counselling

Let’s get to the heart of your arts business

I acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of Australia. I pay my respects to the Elders past and present as the traditional Custodians of the lands and waters.

I acknowledge their living culture and their traditional art forms. I recognise that the land where I live, learn and work is Yugembah, Jagera/Yugerra, Turrbul and Bundjalung land and sovereignty was never ceded. I’m committed to building and sustaining respect and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.