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Supersonics Piano

Supersonics Piano is run by Brisbane piano teacher, performance pianist and composer, Daniel McFarlane.

His website features his fun, original piano method, theory books, resources and a range of other piano sheet music for every level of pianist.

He’s also the creator of the Supersonics Plus app, with online resources, backing tracks and theory that engage even the most reluctant learner.


  • May 2019 – Jan 2020
  • Website audit and restructure


  • SEO Audit
  • Information Architecture Review
  • Website copy

The Challenge

Daniel was moving from Shopify to WooCommerce. He felt he was too close to his business and needed help to:

• find a clear and simple way to structure his website content and shop
• make it easier for customers to find and buy the music their students needed based on their level and interests
• add SEO oomph to his copy and start driving more traffic to his website

Daniel’s music needed to be easy to find by teachers, parents and students who weren’t necessarily using his method. 

Daniel’s products presented a unique challenge because every piano method uses different names for each level and grade. 

This meant I needed to make sure the music was sorted in a way that made sense to everyone – even those who didn’t know which level they needed.

Supersonics Piano Website Dec 2019
Supersonics Plus preview App Store

The Process

I began by:
• conducting an SEO and competitor audit
• reviewing Daniel’s current website structure (aka the information architecture or IA) including an update of his sitemap
• realigning his sales funnel to match his business goals

From there we restructured the menu and rearranged the content to make things easier to find. 

Daniel loved my clear conversational tone and asked me to write his:
• Home page
• Method Books page
• Pro Membership Page
• Subscriber page, each of the Category and individual Product pages

We optimised each page for SEO as we went.


The Copy

Working with Daniel was a breeze. He gave me clear instructions on how his books fit together, so that I could write the copy in a way that appealed to the right teacher and piano player.

 Product Category Page Copy

Supersonics Piano - Accelerated-learning books copy

These Accelerated Learning Method Books cover all the same techniques and concepts in the main Supersonics Method Books, but at a faster pace that’s ideal for older learners. 

Quick Start A will build students’ confidence with its playful, open-minded approach to teaching older students to read, play with good technique, transpose, harmonise and be creative.

Quick Start B introduces new scales, modes and styles of music including some chromatic harmony, blues and jazz as well as exploring pop chords, familiar melodies and historical repertoire. 

Reading and Technique is a fast, flexible approach to learning core reading and technical skills. 

Each book comes with free online teaching resources and creative activities in the Supersonics Plus App. Students of all ages love playing along to the backing tracks, teacher duets and more. 

See how you travel through the books in the Level Flowchart

It’s easy to see why adults and teens love these books.

Read more on the Supersonics Piano website.

The Results

Daniel loved the fun, clear, engaging way my product descriptions highlighted the content of each music book.
His customers loved the changes too. And within a short period, he was getting positive feedback and results from the new content.

He then went on to ask me to write his email newsletter. 

It is a huge pleasure working with Daniel. Supersonics Piano is a brilliant business that inspires budding and established musicians to build their skills in playful, practical ways.

Supersonics Piano new website 1

“My website is now more user-friendly and engaging and I’m already seeing improved results.⁠”

Ali is a wonderfully talented SEO Copywriter.⁠  She took my very basic ideas and turned them into engaging stories.⁠ My website is now more user-friendly and engaging and I’m already seeing improved results.⁠ I appreciate the effort she made to truly understand my⁠ business. A pleasure to work with!

Daniel McFarlane

Founder, Supersonics Piano⁠

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