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Blog Writing

Blog writing that will make your clients go “oooooh”

and build your reputation as a creative entreprenuer

Do you struggle with finding the time to write high quality blogs (that are relevant to your rebel brand)?

Do you keep procrastinating about creating a content strategy (because you’re not quite sure what should go into it)?

I can help.


Blog writing that ticks all the right boxes

I can help you by developing a content strategy that answers all your customer’s problems, providing practical advice in your creative brand’s tone and personality.

You’ll start valuable conversations (with clients online and offline) by sharing your rebel story, your creative processes and by giving them something to laugh about and share with friends.

And you’ll be able to collect real insights into your customers with articles that appeal to them and encourage them to open up to you.

All of my blog packages include:

  • A concise and easy to read article based on your brief (at your chosen word length)
  • Thorough research (so you’ll appear as the expert on your topic)
  • 3 headline suggestions (written for your target market)
  • Links to high-authority sites (from high-quality influencers in your industry/niche)
  • 2 Image suggestions (for your website)
  • 5 social media snippets (for easy sharing)
  • 2 rounds of amends and professional proofreading

Of course, you can choose from a single blog or a blog package or retainer option. Find a ballpark for my blog writing on my Prices page.

I’ve also created a handy blog writing template for any of you who wish to give it a crack and write and optimise it yourself.


Ali Strachan shows a dedication to her craft and to the stories that she puts together. She always takes the time to understand her subject, and I’ve noticed the intricacies that she comes up with based on interviews she has done with me. She finds the heart of an issue and follows that path. Alinta Krauth

Scenic Rim, Artist

Blog writing that gets results


Do the blogs on your website…

Address your client’s main problems (and provide actionable solutions?)

Make it easy for them to invest in your creative products and services?

Position you as someone who cares about your clients?

Want a sample? I can write a paid, one-off article to see if we’re the right fit.


Need a rebel blog strategy?