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Killer art exhibition proposals

that help you make an impact


I know you. Possibilities excite you. You’re full of big ideas and you want to make a bold and colourful impact on the world we share (so do I!).

To make a difference you know you need to reach more people. But sharing your vision is harder than you thought it was going to be. You need a compelling art exhibition proposal that will open up opportunities for you, but you can’t find the right words.

As a professional writer and creative arts marketer, I know how to share your story so it sparks curiosity and builds an emotional connection with your audience.

Get a proposal that’s impossible to refuse, so you can reach more people and inspire change.



Get more opportunities to show your work

As an arts advocate, I work closely with the local organisations and councils to arrange community arts events that inspire and involve people. 

I understand the industry, the way gallery managers and public venues think, so I’m the perfect choice to help you expand your reach.

Plus, I’m always looking for local artists, musicians, makers and performers to collaborate with, and be a part of our events. If you’re keen – hit me up.

Ali Strachan can help you write an art proposal

100% personalised guarantee

Your creative work is different anyone elses because it is an expression of you. So, every idea and solution I create is personalised to you and your audience.

Because, well, that’s what works. You get your own personalised pavlova cooked to perfection, for maximum crunch.

Exhibition proposals that open up opportunities

You’ve worked damn hard and now that it’s time to put your work out there, you’re doubting your ability to make it happen. Don’t let your fear of not knowing how to write a good art proposal stop you from having an impact.

We both know that when it’s done right, your exhibition proposal will open up opportunities for you. Forget agonising over every detail, let me help you craft something that shares you, your work and the impact you’re making in a genuine, but compelling way.

It’s time to inspire.

How it works
  1. To start I get you to fill out the Project Brief, so I can learn everything I can about you, your business and your body of work.
  2. Then I schedule a 30-minute call on Zoom to go through what you’ve uncovered. We discuss the underlying message of your exhibition, why you’re targeting certain galleries and spaces, how they can benefit from featuring your work and more.
  3. Then it’s time for me to research and write your cover letter, your exhibition proposal, artist statement and include details about your body of work.
What's included
  • You get a one-page cover letter tailored to your gallery/space of choice
  • A compelling exhibition proposal that excites people about your work
  • An inspiring artist statement that tells them who you are and what this exhibition means to you
  • A detailed list of what’s included within the body of work you want to show
  • Exclusive Trello board to manage your project deliverables
  • 1 hour of industry and competitor research (if necessary)
  • 1 Skeleton Draft, 1 Main draft, 2 rounds of amends and proofreading included
To prepare

Send me the links to your website, any current bios you have, photos of your exhibition and the completed client brief so I can review it ready for our briefing chat.


10% off when booking an intro video script to pair with this proposal.   


From just $347.00



Art exhibition proposals that help you make an impact
Ali Strachan creative proposals
Intro video scripts for your website and socials

Adding an a video introduction to your exhibition proposal is a powerful way of sharing your story, inviting people into your creative world, and helping them connect with your work. 

They’re also the perfect way to promote who you are as an artist, and invite people to view your exhibition. 

But videos need to be short and succinct, and when you’re so close to your work, it can be hard to know what to say. That’s where I can help.

How it works
  1. Whether you want an intro video, or one to promote your current body of work, we begin with a brief chat about your goals and themes you want to explore in your video.
  2. I’ll whip up proposal agreement for you to approve and an invoice so you can secure your spot in my calendar.
  3. Then we’ll schedule an in depth 30 minute chat, to confirm what you want covered, the tone, the length, the specs (visuals, music and voice over) and any research you’d love me to conduct.
  4. I’ll set up the project in Trello, so you can track the progress and deliverables.
  5. Then it’s time to research and start writing.
What's included
  • Two detailed concepts to choose from and develop your chosen one
  • An engaging and researched script that aligns with your brief
  • 30 minute chat to kick off the project and 15 minutes of check-in time each draft
  • Exclusive Trello board to manage your project deliverables
  • Image suggestions (slides or animations if required) for use within the video
  • 5 social media snippets to help with shareability
  • 1 Call to Action – to ask viewers to contact you regarding an offer or similar
  • 1 Skeleton Draft, 1 Main draft, 2 rounds of amends and proofreading
  • Transcript in plain text (if required)
To prepare

I’ll send you a brief questionnaire for you to complete prior to starting work, then I’ll confirm all the details I need in a chat before I get started.


Content Strategy Template + 10% discount on your exhibition proposal


From just $497.00



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Ali shows a dedication to her craft and to the stories that she puts together. She always takes the time to understand her subject.

I’ve noticed the intricacies that she comes up with based on interviews she has done with me. She finds the heart of an issue and follows that path.

Alinta Krauth


Alison takes a personal approach to her subjects, getting out of her office and attending events, engaging with the work and building relationships with clients.

She is well liked and her true passion and support shine positively through her writing.

I always feel confident that I will receive excellent results from Alison and within each deadline.

Naomi Crawford

Artist and Gallery Manager

Your questions, answered frankly

I’ve answered many of the common questions I get here,

but if you have another, just holler.

Can you put together a custom package for me?

You betcha. The prices and packages I list on my website aren't one-size-fits-all marketing solutions for every business. Every industry is unique and different things work in different scenarios, for different target markets.

If you're unsure what you might need, we can have a quick chat to uncover what your goals are, and what content you already have and I can put a package together for you. Or, for a more in depth one-one-one session you might like to book in a thirty or sixty-minute strategy session.

How do I book you?

First of all, I'm so bleedin' excited you want to work with me! Second, for a quick response give me a call on 0415 272 150 and if I'm not with a client - I'll give you a call straight back. Or send me a message via my contact page with the content you need, and I'll respond as soon as I can so we can discuss what you need.

I've never worked with an arts marketer before, how does it work?

There's nothing worse than working with someone who doesn't have a clear process and is able to lead you through your project, so you know what you're getting, when and for how much.

Arts marketing and strategy is a collaborative and creative process, so here's what you can expect when we work together:

  1. Our project starts with a chat about your creative business and your marketing needs.
  2. If I don't have all the info I need from this call, I'll send you a link to my Project Discovery Form so I can give you a more accurate quote.
  3. You accept the quote and I draw up a Proposal with all the project details, my T&C's and costs for you to approve. Also included will be the scope, the timelines and deposit details.
  4. I'll issue my invoice and book your project into my schedule.
  5. I issue my Project Questionnaire  so I can get to know your business, its target market, how you work and what you create inside and out.
  6. I create a Trello board and invite you to keep track of the project and it's deliverables. Everything is transparent so you can see how I work.
  7. I book in another briefing call (if needed) to clarify any further details
  8. Then I get researching and writing!
  9. In most cases you get a first draft, two rounds of amends and proofreading included.
  10. When you're happy with the content, we've dotted all our i's and crossed our x's and t's and everything has been paid for - you can start using the content.

Got a question? Happy to answer them as we go. Check out my about page for more on me and how I work.

Do you work with brands outside the arts industry?

I sure do. While I love working with creatives, I also have a lot of experience working with brands within all sorts of industries. Want to know more about who I've worked with and what results I've had? Check out my testimonials.

Some of my favourites have been:


  • Marketing (virtual assistant and copywriter) SEO website content
  • Disability sector (NDIS service providers and SaaS tech startups): website content, SEO, video scripts, email marketing, social media management, ongoing content strategy
  • Arts industry (artists, photographers, videographers, jewellers, DJs and singer-songwriters): writing website content, artwork descriptions, exhibition proposals, blogs, brochures, online store optimisation
  • Ethical fashion and design – unifying brand message and products, website copy
  • Finance and insurances (boutique finance and specialist disability insurance providers): website copy, blogs and video scripts
  • Health and wellbeing industry (life coaching, personal training, nutrition): sales landing pages
  • And more... 


 Think we’d be

a good fit?