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Tone of Voice and Brand Guidelines


Your brand’s personality comes from who you are as the artist–your style, your values, and how that translates into work you create. Your tone of voice reflects that personality.

It’s an essential part of brand guidelines. It’s your brand language. It’s the way people recognise you, when you’re writing about you and your practice. It should be considered with the same degree of thought and care as your visual brand identity.

But I get it. Tone of voice brand guidelines are often overlooked. You’re an artist, not a marketing guru. Where do you find the time? Before you dismiss it, think about the enormous benefits:

You stand out from the crowd

Our world would be dull if every business, every brand, was the same with the same monotone voice selling their wares. You’ve spent hours creating stunning, unique artworks. You need your words to inspire.

Your tone of voice shows your personality and your expertise.

Tone of voice guidelines help you stand out
Brand guidelines help customers get to know and like you

Your consumers get to know you

A consistent tone helps build your personal brand. Making your brand more likeable. It should be genuine and reflect your values and who you are.

An inconsistent tone creates unease with your readers. It sends a signal that something is not quite right.

Your audience should only hear one voice in all your written communications. Yours. I’ll help you create tone of voice brand guidelines keep your words and tone of voice ‘on brand’. 

Your voice builds trust

As your readers get to know your tone of voice, they start to see your personality. They form an image and feel like they’re getting to know you.

That brings a sense of trust, familiarity and helps your customers feel at ease. They like you. They want to support you.

Tone of voice guidelines build trust
Browsers into brand champions

You turn contemplators into champions

Trust is more important than ever.

People are far more likely to buy from an artist they like and trust than a faceless gallery, or an artist who is inconsistent and confusing them with mixed messages.

Talk to me

I work with artists and arts organisations to build consistent, creative brands by deciphering your branding first, so your tone of voice guidelines genuinely reflect what you’re about.

You don’t need to figure it out by yourself. I find the right words to reflect your brand story and personality. I’ll clarify who your audience is. What you do for them. Why they should choose you. And we’ll craft your tone of voice to plan your messaging.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a strong, consistent message backed by a solid tone of voice and brand guidelines.

You get my undivided attention during our one-on-one branding strategy sessions. That means I only work with one artist at a time, and best of all, I tailor my approach to you.

Ready to take the guesswork out of your marketing with solid brand guidelines and a defined tone of voice?

How it works
You complete my Questionnaire, so I can get to know you, and your work, inside out.

The project starts with a Zoom call where I clarify any details that you were unsure of in your brief.

Then I start writing. I’ll put together the bones of your brand and tone of voice guidelines for your review. I include a skeleton, first draft and two rounds of amends, before polishing it up into a handy PDF booklet for you to have within reach. 


What's included

Your Tone of Voice and Brand Guidelines includes:

  • An overview of your brand, its products/services, goals, vision, personality and values to link this with the language you use
  • Your USP (point of distinction in the market)
  • Identification of your target market (and how aware they are of you, so we can figure out how to target them)
  • Identification of your core competitors and their messages
  • 3 x customer avatars (that feature their situation, needs, desires, fears and beliefs about you/your industry)
  • Identification of the words you need to use/those you don’t
  • Clarification of *how* your brand personality and values show up in your content (in your copy, videos, testimonials, etc)
  • 3 x examples of sample copy (up to 1 page each) – for example, website copy, social copy and emails
  • Branded Language Style Guide
  • Web writing tips and writing checklist

In this Tone of Voice and Branding Guide we’ll focus on both *WHO* your brand is, and then *HOW* to help you promote and share what you do.


To prepare

Send me the links to your website and blog, links to your social profiles, an example email newsletter and anything else you’re using to promote your work.


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Ali has not only given me many great tools and resources for my creative business, she’s also given me confidence to speak about what I’m passionate about in a way that will see results.

Working with Ali has been so easy, her friendly and creative style makes figuring out even the most complicated project rewarding.

Ronelle Reid


Ali is a glorious and talented SEO copywriter, human and all round helpful person. She worked with me to develop my brand story, style guide, tone of voice, website layout and more and provided me with such excellent value for money as well as being enjoyable and fun to work with.

If you're a creative soul who knows your creative things but doesn't know your marketing things, Ali is your human!

Rose Wilson

Singing Human, Course Creator, Choir Leader , Unscary Singing

Ali is a highly skilled and knowledgable copywriter. She was able to articulate my ideas and vision into something that blew my mind. I'd highly recommend Ali for artists and creative freelancers who are looking for someone who understands artist's life and can translate our ideas into magic.

Bonnie Curtis

Artistic Director, Bonnie Curtis Projects

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