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Brand storytelling for artists

Art and storytelling go hand in hand. Every brushstroke and every line you make tells a story – conveying ideas, perspectives and emotions that create ways for others to connect with you and your culture.

But your art is only part of the story. To create meaningful connections with your collectors, you need more than just pictures — you need strategic brand storytelling.

Arts Brand Storytelling with Ali Strachan

Easy-to-read arts storytelling

You need to translate your creative ideas, processes and purpose into easy-to-read, engaging copy.

But how do you know what to say, how to say it and when?

That’s where an arts copywriter (like me!) can help.

Find the confidence and clarity that comes from having the right words to share your art (without the salesy hype or art jargon).

And do it in a way that feels genuine, and gets results.

Ali gets to the core of how local artists approach their lives and careers so that readers can dive deeper into the stories … She creates strong visuals with her words and teaches us how to understand objects and topics far beyond what we can see and touch.

Naomi Crawford

Artist, Exhibitions Manager

How does it work?

There is an abundance of research that tells us how powerful storytelling is. Stories help us make sense of the world. They foster belonging, create connections, and deepen our experiences.

Brand storytelling weaves your story, your art’s story and your collectors’ stories together, in a way that brings your audience along on your journey – creating a deeply emotive experience.

Good brand storytelling goes beyond sense-making, and allows collectors to identify a shared purpose with you and your art.

This connects to the core of who they are and allows you to go beyond the function of art – giving you an evocative way to create a legacy that broadens the impact of your work.

Strategic storytelling for artists - Ali Strachan

Four steps of brand storytelling

Step 1

1. Listening

With a detailed questionnaire and interview, we find the heartbeat of your art and practice.

Then I listen to your audience – learning their core desires, outcomes, behaviours and language they use.

Step 2

2. Crafting

Now we understand the purpose and intent behind your work with more clarity.

I carefully sculpt your brand story into a genuine reflection of you, your art practice, and vision. Then invite feedback and discussion on how your story unfolds.

Step 1

3. Telling

Knowing what to say is only part of the picture.

Armed with the words and language to share your art with others, we share your brand story strategically so that it reaches the right people at the right time.

Step 4

4. Retelling

Creating a plan to repurpose your stories across your marketing channels will keep you off the content-creating merry-go-round.

We’ll create a message map to weave your stories across your website, emails, socials and more.

Make a bigger impact with your art

You’ve tried writing your own copy… spending hours writing artist statements and website copy but feeling disappointed with the results.

The truth? Many of the traditional copywriting techniques don’t work for creatives in the same way they do for other brands.

Your collectors are buying much more than a beautiful artwork for their living room – they’re buying your story.

But writing about art is like writing about yourself. Not easy.

After all, every piece you create and put out into the world is an expression of you.

It’s like trying to write about your favourite limb!

How do you know what to say, how to say it, and when to connect with your audience?

The thing is, when you tell your story well, your collectors will feel as if you’re speaking directly to them. They’ll relate to your purpose, values and vision and find deep meaning within your work. And this is so powerful.

Together, we can map out your artist brand story across your entire practice.

Ali is a highly skilled and knowledgable copywriter. She was able to articulate my ideas and vision into something that blew my mind. I'd highly recommend Ali for artists and creative freelancers who are looking for someone who understands artist's life and can translate our ideas into magic.

Bonnie Curtis

Artistic Director, Bonnie Curtis Projects

I have loved working with Ali on my artist statement. After each draft, she provided space for feedback, edits and discourse. I felt comfortable and understood. The end result was a true reflection of my art and practice.

Chloe Wigg


clear, Transparent, creative collaboration

As a specialist art copywriter, I know how to translate your creative ideas and processes into accessible language – without the academic jargon or icky salesy-ness. My processes are designed to help identify possible missteps early and find the best words to explain why your art matters – without the fuss.

I remove the guesswork and stress of working with a copywriter.

I take care of the project management, using Trello – a simple online tool. Here you’ll find all the info about your art, practice and creative goals, to reduce any miscommunication.

You’ll see at a glance when to expect drafts, and ask questions at any time. Plus, each draft includes a quick video walk-through (to guide you each step of the way).

At the end of our collaboration, you’ll have beautiful, engaging copy that captures the heart and soul of your art, culture and creative story. This includes:

  • Easy-to-read, plain English copy
  • No academic art jargon
  • No manipulative sales tactics
  • Fully proofread
  • SEO optimised

Finally, share your art and why it matters with confidence and conviction.

Feel the relief

Get out of your own head

You don’t need to write all your arts copy yourself. Even great copywriters know that when you’re too close to your work – it’s impossible to know what to write, how to write it and when to share it with your audience.

Experience the relief of outsourcing this struggle to someone who gets you. Get out of your head and share your work in a way that feels true to you and inspires your collectors.

It’s time to focus on what you’re good at instead.

Enjoy clarity & confidence in your practice

Uncover a sense of clarity and purpose by putting into words who you are, what your work is about and why it matters.

Gets to the core of your artistic vision, so that readers can dive deeper into your story, and discover more about yourself in the process.

Share, promote and pitch your creative projects with conviction and confidently pursue more opportunities to expand your practice and reach more people.


Enhance your art's value

Imagine if you could charge what it was truly worth, rather than practically giving it away because you lacked confidence in your work?

A carefully crafted and strategic arts story will raise your art’s value because it will increase affinity and demand, and help you sell more work.

Build a creative business that sustains you.

Attract genuine buyers

Imagine what it would feel like to sell out your artwork before it even hits the gallery walls?

By expressing why your art matters, you create an emotional connection with genuine buyers.

This is what’s possible when you have the right words. You will connect with buyers (without bamboozling them), so they respond viscerally and emotionally to your work.


Build community around your art

We’ve all read academic arts reviews and statements that feel elitist and unapproachable.  Yuck. No buyer wants to feel like they don’t understand your work.

When fine art copy is engaging, emotive and easy-to-read, people are more likely to connect and relate to it.

They’ll relate to you, your artistic vision, purpose, values and want to follow your journey.


Goodbye starving artist myth

The right story, delivered in the right way is so powerful.

Say goodbye to the starving artist myth by building a community of engaged collectors who love your work, love what it’s about and feel like they belong with you.

Bring creativity to your copy

I acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of Australia. I pay my respects to the Elders past and present as the traditional Custodians of the lands and waters.

I acknowledge their living culture and their traditional art forms. I recognise that the land where I live, learn and work is Yugerra land and sovereignty was never ceded. I’m committed to building and sustaining respect and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.